D&December 2017 – W3D4 – Sword Coast

The Sword Coast is an interesting area. Our adventures in the Wyrmfang Chronicles never ventured that far west. We mostly kept to the Dales, Cormyr, Evereska, and the areas between those lands. There were a few trips elsewhere, mostly to the far north or the far south. But never really to the west.  The only… Read more

D&December 2017 – W3D3 – Forests & Wilds

Whether it’s elven homelands, mystical forests of dreams, wild tracts or cursed domains of evil, forests play a big part of fantasy worlds. Most fantasy worlds are reminiscent of magical midevil Europe in the nature and flow. There are great cities and small towns, each surrounded by some area of farmlands. But all the areas… Read more

D&December 2017 – W3D2 – Underdark – Time For The Drow To Go

The Underdark is a dark and dismal place, full of creatures good and evil, though mostly evil. Mindflayers and drow are among the worst of the worst, but by no means all that dwells therein. A couple of years ago we completed a run through the City of the Spider Queen module. The module was… Read more

D&December 2017 – W3D1 – Feywild/Shadowfell

The Feywild and the Shadowfell are two parts of D&D that we really haven’t delved into much in our campaigns. We’ve had some dealings with faeries and nymphs and dryads, but never any kind of extended campaign dealing with them. I wasn’t really sure what the interest in such things was. They always seemed more… Read more

D&December 2017 – W2D7 – Oddities – The World Serpent Inn

This is a really tough one. The fantasy universe is full of oddities of various types and sources. In creatures we have strange beings such as the were-mole and aboleth. In magic items we have things like the belt of gender change. The list of odd planar locations seems to have no end. But there… Read more

D&December 2017 – W2D6 – Spooky/Undead – The Lich

No one will notice this didn’t go out yesterday, right?   I’ve mentioned before that my favorite undead was the bodak. Read my various posts about Thelisn to see why. So I’m going to take this time to talk about my least favorite undead, the lich. Like dragons, liches are an overused trope in Dungeons &… Read more

D&December 2017 – W2D5 – Humanoid

Humanoids suck. They are the most boring group in any campaign. Be it elf, halfling, human, orc, whatever. Boring, boring, boring. The only thing worthwhile was when humans got an extra 1st level feat. That’s about it.

D&December 2017 – W2D4 – Celestial/Demonic – Fallen Angels

Celestials are a strange piece of D&D/Pathfinder. They are a necessary group, serving as the compass opposite to devils and demons. Sometimes they serve to provide context or boxed text to the characters. And lesser celestials can be summoned for a few rounds to fight in combat for your cleric. Aside from that, however, they… Read more

D&December 2017 – W2D3 – Abyssal/Fey

I may have mentioned once or twice that I hate fey. They’re nothing more than an annoyance. As for abyssal creatures, my favorite is probably the glabrezu demon. There’s just something about a half demon, half crab that can cast spells that is oddly amusing and appealing at the same time.  Another part of it… Read more

WorldBuilder – General Timeline

The history of the new world can be divided into two phases. There is the time of the great exploration. For thousands of years after the continent was discovered, travelers came across the sea from the other three continents, each settling lands according to their people. Smaller kingdoms come and go, but four great kingdoms… Read more