Character Portrait – Chojen

Alas, poor Chojen Morg. After Thelisn the bodak fell to the servants of Gulthias within the Heart of Nightfang Spire, I brought in Chojen. He was human, a former thief and rogue who had repented of his ways and taken up a life of service to the gods. Serving in a monastary near Daggerdale, the… Read more

Character Portrait – Venjor, Cleric of Pelor

Venjor Carix was a cleric of Pelor. I brought him in for a module that Andy ran a few years back. This was a bit after I had run the Speaker in Dreams module, set in the town of Brindinford. In the Wyrmfang Chronicles, I placed Brindinford in the region west of Cormyr, just the… Read more

D&December 2017 – Rapid Fire: W4D4-Trinkets/Treasures, W4D6-Forbidden Knowledge, W4D7-Spell/Item

Nothing like waiting til the last minute for the last three topics I didn’t get done. So here we go in rapid fire succession. Trinkets & Treasures, Forbidden Knowledge and Favorite Spell/Item.  Favorite Trinkets & Treasures As a DM, my favorite treasure items are those that have a bit of a cursed trait to them…. Read more

D&December 2017 – W4D5 – Divine Magic – Fixing the Cleric Class

Divine magic is a part of Dungeons & Dragons that I think many of us have a love/hate relationship with. Running a cleric in an adventure can be both the most enjoyable and the most frustrating thing, sometimes at the same time. Clerics have an interesting feature set associated with them. They are the primary… Read more

D&December 2017 – W4D3 – Wizards

Wizards have got to be my favorite class in Dungeons & Dragons. Being the smartest person in the party and using their gift to call forth the powers of the universe to alter reality itself is a fun-factor that’s hard to deny. All things being equal, I would probably rather play the wizard. That’s a… Read more

D&December 2017 – W4D2 – Traps

Since I’ve talked about talked about Boxey before, I’ll talk about traps. Oh, how i hate traps. Well, as a player I hate traps. I’ve had several characters die as a result of traps over the years. The most memorable was my monk, Chojen Morg. He died within Nightfang Spire. A trap door opened, he… Read more

D&December 2017 – W4D1 – Magic Weapons

Magic weapons have been a part of Dungeons & Dragons from the beginning. They are the prized possessions of virtually every character class. Even wizards love to get their hands on a magic dagger or staff to up the odds of a favorable outcome. Throughout my years and many characters across D&D, Pathfinder and so… Read more

D&December 2017 – W3D7 – House Rules

One of the things that’s as constant in the history of Dungeons & Dragons as the official rules are each group’s house rules. In the group I’m in, the Wyrmfang Chronicles, we have a few of our own. Here’s a couple of ours plus a few that I’ve seen elsewhere. Wyrmfang Chronicles House Rules The… Read more

D&December 2017 – W3D6 – Sigil/Planar – The Slaadi

Got a bit behind with the Holiday weekend.  One thing the Dungeons & Dragons does not lack is things planar. There are hundreds of planes in the D&D cosmos and planes within these planes and monsters upon monsters that call each of these planes home. Some of these monsters are ridiculous, but some of them… Read more

D&December 2017 – W3D5 – Cities, Castles & Tomes – The Castle Guide

Castles have fascinated me for as long as I can remember. As an American, I grew up having no real castles anywhere near that I could visit. At least, nothing even close to what I pictured the word castle to mean. So I spent my time reading any book I could get my hands on… Read more